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  • I will do my part in making sure Massachusetts continues to protect the interests of its home and property-owning community members.

  • I will track and assess foreclosures within the district. I will work to ensure that people whose properties are being foreclosed upon know their rights and receive information on any assistance that can be available to them. 

  • I will assist the towns and cities of this district in receiving grants by helping them utilize information on foreclosures and abandoned properties through programs such as the Abandoned Housing Initiative. 

  • A surcharge collected at the Registry of Deeds goes to the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund. I will work to ensure that cities and towns that have adopted the Community Preservation Act are receiving the maximum amount of funds for which they are entitled. 

  • I will advocate for a portion of the proposed fee increases for the Register of Deeds’ office to go to the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund. 

  • I will do my part to ensure our homeowners are protected against an increasingly hostile national agenda. An example of this would be Attorney General Jeff Sessions removing restrictions in July of 2017 on the seizure of property from people suspected, but not necessarily charged or convicted, of a crime.

  • I will enhance customer service by making the website more user friendly on mobile devices, and adding a language translation option to assist our non-English speaking community members.

  • I will maintain a high level of integrity as your elected official, and will not solicit or accept campaign contributions from my employees.

Committee to Elect Alice Merkl
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